What is Crossfit?

Constantly Varied

CrossFit allows every day to be different. Programming is centred around learning and practicing new gymnastic skills, refining our weightlifting technique, whilst maintaining a strong foundation of classical cardiovascular activities such as running, rowing and skipping.
We know exactly how demotivating and cumbersome ‘traditional’ exercise can become, and a lot of the time it is hard to motivate yourself, by yourself. At CrossFit, each day you get to work out doing something different, interesting and challenging with a bunch of people who are there to support and motivate each other.

We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Functional Movements

At CrossFit Strathfield we prioritise full body movements such as squatting, running pulling, throwing and picking things up. Essentially these movements are the large whole body movements which involve moving bigger loads longer distances. Ultimately this results in getting a lot of work done in a short amount of time.
In addition to this, we prioritise building foundations and getting the basics right, to prevent injury and to help you get better, sooner.

High Intensity

Intensity is the measurable cornerstone of CrossFit. The more work you do in a short time period, the more force you are producing. At CrossFit Strathfield we are seeking to get both faster and stronger. All workouts are measurable and repeating a workout will give you a solid comparison to see how far you have progressed.
Essentially, It is up to you how fast you work out, and how hard you push – you are in control of the intensity.

Universally Scalable

At CrossFit Strathfield we are constantly adapting our programming to make it the best fit for you as an individual. We will scale the load and the intensity if required, but keep the same program. We are able to work with and around injuries, physical limitations and ability. This means your training is optimal for your fitness and experience, but at the same time there is always a few more reps to get, a couple of seconds to spare or a kilo to add.

Lifelong fitness is a journey not a destination.

Work Out
Of The Day

Our work out of the day covers the elements below to ensure a well rounded exercise session:


A typical CrossFit Strathfield CrossFit session will consist of:

  • Active warm up
  • Movement preparation exercises.
  • Skill instruction
  • Strength, Skill, and/or WOD
  • Prehabilition drills
  • Mobility and recovery work
  • Strength: Front squat, 5-3-1-5-3-1, start at 60%
  • Partner WOD: 6 Rounds (3 each), 300m row, 15 Ball slams (12kg/9kg), alternate rounds with your partner.
  • Finisher/Cool Down: Stretching