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Simon began working in the fitness industry over 10 years ago as a fitness instructor & personal trainer, after completing his university degree in Bathurst. From here, he began working with the West Harbour 1st & 2nd grade Rugby teams as Assistance Strength & Conditioning Coach, which is when his interest in Olympic Weightlifting began to develop.

Simon started his weightlifting journey at Burwood & Titans Olympic Weightlifting Clubs, where he showed an ability to really understand and apply the technical aspects of the sport. At this point, CrossFit was only just starting to emerge in Australia, and Simon began to take an interest due to the incorporation of the Olympic Lifts.

By way of chance, Simon bumped in to an old friend, and was then offered a coaching role at Inner West CrossFit. Over time, Simon established himself as a knowledgeable and respected coach, who would deliver quality and engaging CrossFit classes, and would often be a go to for training, fitness and injury prevention advice.

Come 2013, Simon began his own Olympic Weightlifting Club, Inner West Barbell Club, which operated out of CrossFit Marrickville, to further enhance and develop the weightlifting skills of the CrossFit members. As IWBC evolved and became an officially registered club with AWF (Australian Weightlifting Federation), a number of IWBC lifters began to compete in local club competitions with success, and qualified for both State & National level competitions.

Early 2015, Simon decided to throw all his year of experience and passion into creating his very own gym. CrossFit Strathfield was born, and IWBC found itself a new home, with many loyal lifters following. Despite the long and tough journey to get the gym open, and a new baby arriving at the same time, CrossFit Strathfield & IWBC officially opened in the first week of July and has been going from strength to strength since.

We encourage you to visit the gym for a complimentary session, or just come down and watch a class.. Our members are encouraging and supportive of each other, and always make new faces welcome.

There is really nothing better than starting (or re-starting!) your fitness journey in a community that will support, motivate and challenge you the entire way!

Simon’s Industry Qualifications:

  • BA Human Movement
  • Cert lll & lV Fitness
  • First Aid & CPR Certificate
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach
  • NSWWA State Referee
  • Pendlay Level 1 & 2
  • CrossFit Level 2 Coach
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Powerlifting
  • CrossFit Judges
  • Play By The Rules Child Protection Training

Aaron began training with us, shortly after we opened in 2015, and became a coach in 2016. Having spend a number of years working in the fitness industry, Aaron recently graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy.

What Do You Love Most About CrossFit?

”Two key things. Firstly the People who do it. Everyone has an amazing story to tell and I love to hear them. Secondly the intensity. For that hour in the gym there is nothing else on the planet except the next rep. I really enjoy that simplicity and focus and the challenge of doing better.”

What Do You Think The Most Important Role of a Coach Is?

”To motivate and to educate. Sport has a different meaning for everyone who participates. If your focus is to have fun, then great! As a Coach, it is your role to create the opportunity to have fun and motivate people to be involved. If your focus is mastery and improvement, then feedback and correction is a vital part of a Coaches role to facilitate improved performance.”

Aaron’s Industry Qualifications

  • Diploma Fitness Instruction & Management
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science
  • Masters of Physiotherapy